Despite me not having time to blog anymore my site still has lots of visitors.

I’ve toyed with the idea of twitter before and it might be a good way to continue exposing the sickness benefit scrounging culture of the UK.

It may be time….

I, Scrounger

SportsDirect_Agency_Meme_2A great new film charting how the DS Benefit Brigade navigate their way through the welfare system to claim ESA/DLA and other assorted handouts, despite them being more than capable of full-time employment.

Here are a few reviews;

I loved it (dribble, spit)- CELT1987

I’ve done my research (I googled it) – Richievilla

Fuck off – Lee Morris

It reminded me I suffer from CFS – jjwales

I blame Thatcher – OLD HIPPY SCROUNGER

More to come….



Coming soon…DS scroungers….where are they now?

This blog is back (maybe only for the short term) so it’s time to look back, reminisce and find out what has happened to our favourite Digital Spy scroungers.

Has Lee Morris been sectioned, is OHG churning out more than one piss-pot a day, did GibsonSG ever find a shotgun to blow his own head off?

What happened to retardis Steve, does tim ever leave the house and the question we’re all asking: did the Towel Man ever find a woman on a sleazy sex site?

Is Whip dead and did Biffo the Bear accidentally kill himself with his mail-order enema kit?

This, and more…coming soon on the blog the scroungers couldn’t close.


Benefit fraud up by £500m

Would you believe it? Yes, particularly when the DWP admit DLA (the scammers benefit of choice) hasn’t been checked for fraud for 10 years…..yes, a decade since this much abused payment was assessed for levels of fakery!

More money (£1.1bn) is now stolen by scumbags than is allocated to the entire Foreign Office budget. It’s incredible, but no doubt welfare apologists will claim it’s a miniscule amount or will try and deflect by waffling on about tax avoidance/evasion – an issue they don’t seem to care about until benefit scrounging is mentioned.

£30m a week is thieved by bogus welfare claimants and the National Audit Office has again given the DWP’s accounts department the bum’s rush by refusing to sign off their accounts. Most telling is the NAO’s warning that fraud might be (it definitely is!) higher than estimated, and the £100 a second falsely trousered by the feckless is described by them as “astounding.”

This blog has said for years that DLA/ESA fraud levels are incredible and yet again here’s more evidence to prove this.

We’ve helped to rightly demonise fake sickness benefit scroungers and they’re now despised by the honest hardworking taxpayers, but, like Olympic drug cheats, these vermin find new ways to fiddle the system, meaning we’re always playing catchup.

It’s a game we can all play though. All of us know of a dodgy DLA/ESA claimant and none of us should shy away from reporting them to the DWP hotline.

Remember, it’s better to report an innocent claimant and have them exonerated than not informing on a faker who’ll continue to drain the country’s finances.



coming soon…the petition that failed and the man behind it

Until a few days ago I’d forgotten about the petition to close my blog down. I’d successfully faced down all the legal threats, the menacing emails and attempts to intimidate me so had forgotten about the attempt to silence me. It’s now time to reminisce, look back at who was behind the petition and see who or what they’re campaigning against now. A quick Google will give you a little bit of information and I doubt you’ll like what you see….

Around the world in 80 DLAs

Lardy lesbian Cheryl Brooks has been caught munching on both the hairy and the benefits pie. Despite being unable to work since 2009 and in receipt of, yes, you guessed it, DLA,  Chezza embarked on a round the world tour, riding elephants in India, feeding Koalas in Australia and searching for Elvis in Gracelands. Throw in Thailand and Spain for good measure just to ramp up the fraud to £36K of taxpayers money. It never ceases to amaze me how many of those on sickness benefits claim to be too ill to work yet easily jetset around the globe, happily taking photographs that suggest none of the terrible suffering we’re constantly reminded blights their miserable lives. When it’s not water skiing or scuba-diving it’s all high-fives and broad smiles, no signs of any discomfort at all – it’s as if being in receipt of “Bennies” miraculously cures them!

For future claimants only, we will align the ESA Work-Related Activity Group rate with the rate of Job Seekers Allowance.

This was my favourite announcement from George Osbourne’s budget. Shirkers who fail to con their way into the ESA Support Group can no longer slither down the financial ladder into a slightly less financially generous band of bludgers and will instead receive the same as bog-standard JSA scroungers. Of course, they won’t have to seek out employment in the way JSAers do but I’m sure a raft of sanctions will be introduced to keep them on the road to full-time work and numbers will drastically drop once the workshy see there’s no financial benefit in pretending to be ill.

I’m loving this Tory government and its targeting of the Bennie Brigade.

Fatties, druggies and alkies are next on the list for savage cuts and I’m punching the air like IDS during a budget speech!

The good news just keeps on coming!

I want my petition back!