The Facts

The man who broke the scroungers backs

Sick joke: Root out the scroungers

130,000 living on incapacity benefit for 10 years are declared fit for work

NEARLY 130,000 people on sick benefits for over ten years are fit to work, new figures show.

One in four ordered to get a job have pocketed state handouts unchecked for at least a decade.

The huge scale of welfare dependency was exposed during a mass reassessment of incapacity benefit claimants.

Ministers believe many became well enough to return to work months ago but went unchecked. But they fear large numbers could simply be workshy scroungers.

Some were claiming the cash for being overweight, suffering headaches or even acne.

Of 145,000 people found fit for work so far, 39,500 of them had been on the handout for over ten years. Nearly a third of them — 12,400 — had been on it for more than 15 years.

A third of scroungers disappear

A third of all sickness benefit claimants appear to miraculously recover the moment they’re told their Atos medical is due?

Many had been drawing handouts for decades but stopped before their face-to-face assessment was due.

…more than a third of those given an appointment did not wait to find out if they were still eligible, official figures reveal.

Employment minister Mark Hoban last night ordered officials to probe why so many are dropping out.

We all know why they’re dropping out though don’t we?


Grayling clears up some misconceptions:

it was the previous Government who introduced this system. .. the system that we inherited was not adequate. It did not do the job properly and in many cases led to wrong decisions about individuals. I and my colleagues in the Department for Work and Pensions have spent the past year trying to sort all that out..

it (Atos) was contracted originally by the previous Government. We have not sought to change the contracting arrangements because, frankly, it would be massively disruptive to do so in the middle of the process.

Let me be clear—Atos has no financial targets. A myth has been circulating for some time that our contractors are incentivised to find people fit for work. That is absolutely not the case and I am happy to put that on the record.

The second thing we did was to address the fact that people in between periods of chemotherapy could, theoretically, be found fit for work. We did not think that that was right and therefore we have excluded people who are in between courses of chemotherapy from any kind of return-to-work process, as well as those involved in chemotherapy at a particular moment in time. Again, that seemed the right thing to do.

Fundamentally, we are trying to help people with the potential to work to get into work and not end up spending the rest of their lives on benefits.

… if someone was a Paralympic athlete with a university degree, there was no obligation for them to look for a job. That is not right.

DLA facts;

DLA is the second most expensive working-age benefit, yet the allowance hasn’t been properly reviewed since its introduction in 1992.

• In the last 8 years the number of people on DLA has risen from 2.5 million to nearly 3.2 million.

• In 2010-11 the DWP expects the DLA total bill to be £12.1 billion0.9% of the UK’s GDP and the same as the Department of Transport’s entire budget for 2010-11.

• There are 140,000 people who have been on DLA since 1992 and have never had their claims reviewed. One fifth of those on DLA have had no contact with the department in the last 10 years and around 2 million people have been given indefinite awards. Too often people can get the benefit without a periodic review of whether they still need it or not.

Sheffield Hallam University incapacity benefit study;

those who claim incapacity benefits might be regarded as ‘hidden unemployed’ in the sense that they would probably have been in work in a genuinely fully employed economy.

a third of all claims by men in the survey had been for 10 years or more and a further fifth for between 5 and 10 years….after two years on Incapacity Benefit a person is more likely to retire or die than return to work.

The striking figure is the share of IB claimants that have no formal qualifications at all – two-thirds of all men and women.

only one-in-five say they ‘can’t do any work’.

the proportion of IB claimants saying they would like a job is very low indeed – just 15% of men and barely more women.


He’s a guru for the welfare extremists but more careful reading of Professor Berthoud’s theories are quite revealing:

But the proportion of non-working disabled people who said they were permanently unable to work rose substantially between 1985 and 1996-97. There is a clear sign here of the growth of disability as an economic identity; the acceptance of “I am disabled” as an appropriate economic role by the disabled person, his or her personal community (family and friends), and perhaps the broader public community (including employers, doctors and benefit administrators). (Just as “I am a housewife” was accepted as an economic identity 30 years ago.)

On his disability graph:

There is no bulge in the distribution which could be used to argue that “most” disabled people are at the less-severe end of the spectrum; nor a bulge at the opposite end which would suggest that “most” of them are “incapable of work.”

Oh dear, oh dear….. 


28 thoughts on “The Facts

  1. My god you are a disgrace to the human race. Ok you silly cunt, listen to this loud and clear: you have to be medically assessed for DLA at regular intervals; I’ve been disabled for thirty years and I’ve faced assessments at least five times since first being awarded the allowance. I have cerebral palsy; a condition which great impairs my mobility, my balance, and my vision. The DWP don’t just hand it to you after answering a few questions, there is an A4 sized, 60+ page questionnaire a claimant must fill in each time they want to renew their DLA-there is no guarantee that they’ll get it either. But the doctors, nurses, specialists and therapists who are required to submit details when this application is submitted are far better qualified than the bigoted wankers that are in Government or are reading this now. God help you if you should get hit by a car, or face any kind of injury which leaves you impaired. Gobshite.

    1. Oh dear, here, ladies and gentleman, we have the ugly face of the welfare extremist. See how it rants, hurls abuse and refuses to engage in constructive debate. Is it any wonder they have lost the argument?
      One has to wonder how so many scroungers have been exposed as sucking on the DLA teat when it’s “so difficult” to claim.
      Enough money has been flushed down the welfare toilet so thank goodness IDS and Grayling are finally slamming down the lid on the benefit bog. Unfortunately, the stench of entitlement will probably linger for a while until Atos mop up the remainder of the excrement.

      1. If you are going to pose as an obnoxious little twat then I strongly suggest you at least do a modicum of proper research and quote the appropriate data and evidence. Oops…sorry, forgot; if you did that you’d undermine your entire hate-filled edifice of shite and it would come crashing down on your sorry empty head. My prescription for someone suffering from delusions of intelligence such as yourself, would be to go and read the evidence about what’s happening in the world around you; when you’ve crawled out, that is.

      2. Another welfare extremist (or multi-id) showing their true colours. Tut, tut! This blog is stuffed full of facts and figures which could educate you if you cared to read it. (if you can read that is) Perhaps you don’t really want to know the truth though. You’re obviously so desperate to keep your snout in the benefits trough you rant at anyone who dares point out the facts of ESA/DLA scrounging. As surveys show over 70% of the public support sickness benefit reforms (those of us who get out into the real world know lots of spongers) I predict you’ll be doing a lot more ranting in the future. My prescription for an intellectually challenged benefit addict such as yourself would be to stop dribbling, calm down and prepare for your forthcoming Atos assessment – 95% of which are independently audited as either a grade A or B. In the meantime ……..keep on scrounging!!

      3. Well currysocks, just goes to show how unsympathetic you are towards anyone that is not able bodied doesn’t it… I was on DLA from its inception in 1992 until I went to America to get married and was no longer entitled to it, during that 7 year period I was examined by a doctor EVERY SINGLE YEAR , I was examined twice a year two years running and one year I was examined FOUR times, that was the year I had my MRI and they were trying to figure out how I was still walking the condition my spine was in, I returned here in 2011 after my marriage broke up and was denied ESA and DLA because after a simple question and answer assessment with ZERO medical exams it was the “Opinion” opinion note of an unqualified person with no doctorates that in her opinion I was 100% fully able to work, her report was full of lies, half truths and left out ALL my medical records, I sincerely hope and pray that you never become disabled, with no other support than the National Insurance you paid into,. If in the vent you do, I hope you have a better result than the ones that are currently being denied and are dying as a result. I see you quote too the opinions of the Nasty Party rags, 70% this and 15% that, shall we see where over 60% of so called benefits go? Allow me to inform you of the Governments OWN true figures, 60% SENIOR Citizens, 5% DLA, hmm, weren’t expecting that were you? ACTUAL percentage of fraud… Not 8%, not 7%, not 5% not 4%,3%,2% not even 1% a mere 0.7% so go after the TRUE Scroungers 100% MP’s and Bureaucraps.

  2. The reasons DLA claimant numbers have increased.
    1) To start a claim for DLA you have to be below the age of retirement, but if claiming DLA when you reach retirement age, you continue to receive the benefit untill you die or your health improves. When the benefit was introduced no one over retirment age received it, now many do.
    2) Demographics we have a aging population, DLA is claimed mostly by older people as their health declines.
    3) Legal ruling on how the descriptors are interpreted has made those with mental health problems who require suppervision, encouragement, someone to keep them safe, etc… Eligible for longer. What has increased with mental health claimants is the length of the claims not the numbers of new claimants entering the system each year

    1. A constructive and reasoned reply without hyperbole, insults and threats.
      Like all blogs, this isn’t a debating forum but I’m happy to allow any input which opposes my opinion without using abusive language.
      People can then make up their own minds as to which side of the debate they’re on.

  3. You do know IDS claimed unemployment benifits after he left the army and has claimed child benifits for four of his kids, now he wants to limit child benifits to two children per family. David Cameron claimed DLA for his disabed son, yet he is a millionaire. You are being taken for a ride by a bunch of self indulgent hypocrites!

  4. Good evening currysocks. I hope my post finds you well and in good spirit, unfortunately I am neither well or of good spirit.

    My husband (who has never claimed benefits in his life, so a good egg according to you) attacked me with an axe, threatened to kill me and would not let me leave the house for nearly 3 days. As you can imagine this has left me injured and traumatised, the hardest thing to deal with has been the mental anguish and subsequent agoraphobia and panic attacks. I am 58 years old and until this happened had worked full time all my life.

    I recently attended an Atos medical accompanied by my friend (I still cannot go out alone) I explained what had happened to me and that I now suffered with agoraphobia, hardly ever went out and when I had to go out I needed someone with me. What did Atos put in my report? I can go anywhere on my own!! Nil points, fit for work.

    One other thing I want to say is who are all these people on benefits that you say are living lavish lifestyles? I get £99.15 a week, out of that I have to pay towards my rent and council tax and pay all other bills water, gas electric, telephone, contents and life insurance, food etc. I have 2 old cats (I got them as kittens years ago) so obviously have to pay for their food and vet bills. My soon to be ex is now in prison so it is my responsibility to pay off our joint credit card balance. All this out of £99 a week. I have no savings left I had to live of those before I could claim anything.

    So here I am nearly 60, ill,in pain, alone (apart from 2 cats) no savings,unable to go out and in debt. I AM on benefits but I am NOT a scrounger and I do NOT have a lavish lifestyle. My life is awful at the moment and websites like this make me feel suicidal, PLEASE do not tar us all with the same brush! Things are not as black and white as you seem to think they are.

    1. I am in both excellent health and spirit, thank you. Whether your story is true or not I don’t know. If it is then you should appeal the DWP decision. What I do observe is how you blame me, the messenger, for exposing the facts on sickness benefits and the way in which the system has been widely abused by a significant minority of claimants. Never have I claimed everyone in receipt of ESA/DLA is fraudulent and I challenge you to produce the evidence to back up your accusation I’m “tarring everyone with the same brush.” As for your “suicidal” feelings when exposed to sites that give you the FACTS, might I suggest this is just the same overblown, over-emotive hyperbole those without a counter-argument usually resort to. (see Digital Spy)

  5. The problem is that your information tells us nothing. It is nothing more than IDS propaganda with facts that have been fiddled about it and cannot except the fact the fraud is only 0.5%. Funny how you didn’t get back to me on what you do for a living, but is fine for you because you’re a tory.

  6. Thank you for your sensitive reply currysocks.

    I appreciate that you do not know if I am telling the truth, that could be said for all the facts and figures on here and most of the stuff on the internet though, could it not?

    I did challenge the decision and complained about the validity of the Atos report. The DWP overturned their initial decision after receiving a letter from Atos stating that the report was not fit for purpose. I was merely wishing to show you that the process is sometimes flawed.

    As regards blaming you for exposing the facts that people abuse the benefits system, I do not. I was aware that this happened long before I was aware of your existence (by the way did you mean to type significant majority, not minority?) I was merely trying to draw your attention to the fact that the language and general “tone” of this website could be upsetting to some genuine claimants. I also was not implying that you believed that everyone claiming benefits was a scrounger, although I must admit there is not much reference on here to genuine claimants!

    Regarding the comment I made about feeling suicidal, that was my fault, I meant to say more suicidal. The stuff on here alone is not important enough to make me feel that way, but after what has happened to me (yes, my story sadly is true) it could have tipped the balance? (Straw and camel’s back spring to mind) I did not make the comment about feeling suicidal in order to gain a reaction from you (no offence, but you are not that important to me). I feel suicidal sometimes because of what has happened to me and when I was feeling that way and I came accross this site I felt worse. I just wanted to make you aware of that, that’s all.

    Finally re “hyperbole” (you like that word don’t you?) “The use of exaggerations to make a point or create a strong impression.” May I direct you to the images and stories on here? Pigs at a trough, Snow White and the 7 scroungers etc etc etc, correct me if I am wrong but is not this whole site full to bursting with hyperbole?

    I agree with you that people who claim anything they are not entitled to need to be stopped and, where appropriate, fined and/or prosecuted. My original comment was just to say that this website could be offensive and upsetting to genuine claimants. I also believe that the people who are knowingly abusing the system, by their very nature, could not give a (insert expletive of choice) about what anybody on here thinks. Therefore the people that you are trying to shame? deride? (don’t really know what your aim is, sorry) will not be affected in the slightest.

    Having said all that ,of course you have the right to your opinions and the right to express them. Just as I have the right to comment on how, in my opinion, your opinions and, in particular, the way you have expressed them could have a negative impact on some genuine claimants.

  7. I live in an area where most people round about me are out of work, a great deal of them are on “the sick” and alot of them parade around in tax payer funded motability cars. NONE of them however (or very few indeed) are actually disabled in any way whatsoever, most of them are able bodied, active and have never worked for a living. There is a HUGE amount of benefit fraud in the UK and I would estimate it being larger than the 30% previously mentioned. I know a bloke who had an accident a few years ago that left him with a slight limp, but nothing major, he hasn’t worked for over 15 years now due to this minor injury that happened as many years ago, and lives on around £800 a month DISPOSABLE income, he literally has four times the disposable income I have (I work full time) and a totally stress-free life. He doesn’t want to find a job because he will end up broke and in debt like most people living on a low wage… shameful that the benefits system has made it more profitable NOT to work than to work…

    1. you know him personally or you have just watched him. You know he is on benefits how? And you can see x-rays in his leg can you? You can feel he is in no pain at all can you?
      How do you know, are the curtains drawn all morning or something?

  8. Where do you live, Steve? Here in London, the motability scheme (which gets the scooters and cars) is not tax funded, but charity run . I am perhaps one example of a disabled person who you’re (probably) directly demonizing, given that I am able bodied. I have, however, worked and I don’t have or need any motability support. After all, being autistic and having several anxiety disorders is not quite in the same category as having back injuries or arthritis of the knee (neither of which are visible, nor stop a person from being active for brief periods, but both of which are very much legitimate reasons to need motability support. Having taken less than 30 seconds to think of two such conditions, without being a medical professional, how many more might exist that laymen like me had never even heard of?). As such, I am more than willing and able to work, and this is reflected in the fact that I receive jobseekers allowance as opposed to any sickness benefit. I do, however, also receive DLA, which is around £150-£160 per month, due to the fact that, regardless whether I can work or not, I have disabilities that have a widespread negative impact on my ability to function, and thus have been LEGITIMATELY qualified by the DWP, through assessment and direct contact with the NHS staff working with my case.

    I can only cite my own case when referring to the inner workings of sickness and disability benefits, because I do not profess to be a spokesperson for anyone other than myself. However, I can also cite a fact from the government’s own research, which is the fact that only 0.7% of benefit claims are fraudulent . That is under 1/100th of the amount of people who receive benefits. I nearly said 1/100th of the unemployed, but that would be inaccurate, since many people who receive benefits are in work and have to claim means-tested benefits such as housing benefit in order to survive .

    I can, however, affirm absolutely that there are huge sums of money being paid in benefits to people who do not require any government assistance at all. In-work benefits may directly top up the earnings of people on low incomes who do need that money, but they are not truly the recipients. If a company does not wish to pay its employees a wage they can live on, they should either stop hiring or stop trading altogether. It is not the government’s responsibility to save money for business owners. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure a minimum level of basic human needs can be met in the country. This not only extends to the safety net of out-of-work benefits, but also adequate housing. By raising the minimum wage so that people receiving it have enough to live on, and by capping rent so that landlords cannot take more than their fair share, the government can ensure that they won’t have to pay benefits to people who are in work, and for those out of work, they can control how much is payable, instead of leaving that to landlords. These two measures alone will bring down the welfare bill substantially without forcing people to rely on food banks and charity just to get by in the 7th richest nation on the planet.

    But what do I know? I’m just an autistic, social phobic, obsessive, depressed and chronically anxious man. It’s not like I spend hours thinking about the same thing (usually how to improve the state of the country), with meticulous detail and having to research, re-research and verify everything I come up with before posting. It’s not like I’m sitting here citing articles and sources to back up my every point because although I have more important things to think about, I have to get this out the way first, even if it takes all week. But that’s exactly what I am, what I do, and what I’m doing here. Sadly, I am not an MP. Or maybe that’s a good thing, because I probably couldn’t run a surgery or deliver a speech considering I can’t even handle a phone call from my own mother if it’s not brief.

    I apologise immensely to the blogger for writing what has essentially become a blog post itself in the comments section on his/her blog, but I sincerely hope my remarks will be received in the same gracious spirit that I would happily forward to anyone wishing to reply. Neither I nor any of the other 99.7% non-fraudulent benefit claimants are your enemy. We are your neighbours, your friends, and your fellow citizens of the UK. We’re all in this together, after all. Let’s work together to stamp out corporate welfare, which is threatening us all, instead of attacking each other.

  9. websites like this are best ignored they are just internet trolls who have no caring and compassion towards their fellow man. and magnify a relatively small number of cases, to justify the treatment given to the vulnerable in this country weather they are ill and disabled or not.

    1. Love it! I think I’ll sign your petition myself just to bump your numbers up.
      Yet another futile attempt to close down my blog.
      Good luck in trying to curtail free speech.

  10. How much tax payers money are you receiving, to spout this venomous tirade on behalf of your government Mr C? You are so transparent.

    1. Not a penny. How much am I subsidising you a week to sit on your arse and spend all day on the net complaining how you’re to ill to work in a job where you sit on your arse all day?

  11. Words cannot convey the contempt I feel as a disabled 45 year old man who served his country for 12 years then a further ten years as a consultant before becoming chronically ill at forty five. I paid income tax and National Insurance and in return get called a scrounger and parasite. Shame on the authors of this site.

  12. Hey, currysocks, you’re so right. Loads of those on benefits are scroungers. I know this for a fact because after I lost my job through my DLA claim being ended, it only took a couple of years for my arms and legs to grow back, and I now have a job that pays less than being on ESA and DLA because I don’t work the minimum 24 hours a week it takes to be eligible for tax credits benefits (zero hour contract plus not getting called in enough).

      1. Will your brain ever grow back, you lazy bastard?
        Asks the woman whose head is like an echo chamber for ConDem policies.
        You don’t have a job.
        That’s because I’m expected to do nothing but look for jobs all day, whether they exist or not. I actually found paid work by myself the other month, but couldn’t go to the interview because JC+ insisted on me attending at risk of a six month sanction, something I couldn’t afford if the job fell through. I then found the zero hour non-job I currently have on Universal JobSnatch.

  13. DLA is the second most expensive working-age benefit…
    If that’s true, then why did the ConDems choose to deny people tax credits instead of DLA? Methinks our unelected ‘government’ put the lie to their own words (scare quotes for the fact that they couldn’t govern a piss up in a brewery).

      1. Not really. When I was unemployed, I had no money to get pissed on, bills and food were more important, and even though I now have money sometimes, I daren’t get pissed in case I get called in to work.

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