The best scrounging articles

Rod Liddle hits the bullseye

Benefits put people in a state dungeon.

1 in every £3 of taxes is spent on welfare.

Sickness benefits for being obese.

An end to choosing a life on welfare.

How the welfare budget has swelled to 12 times its original size.

One in 4 claiming sickness benefits have a criminal record.

IDS gets tough.

Report finds long-term sickness benefit claimants are of lower intellect.

590,000 incapacity claimants fit for work.

Britain hates scrounging.

Sponging in the sun.

Blue Badge crackdown.

Littlejohn hammers the scandalous motability scam.

Cameron to end conveyor belt benefits.

GP’s shouldn’t decide on fitness for work.

94% of new DLA claimants only had to fill out a form.

The Welfare trap.

Crackdown on luxury motability cars.

Free cars for ADHD! 

Lord Freud talking sense.

500% increase in young men on disability benefits in only 20 years.

Stephen Glover speaks for the nation.

Only 1 in 14 claimants is unfit for work.

Only 7% unfit for work.


Allergic to work.

Stephen Glover speaks for the nation.

900,000 found fit for work!

80,000 druggies and pissheads claim sickness benefits.

Scroungers clogging up the courts.

90,000 young people claiming sickness handouts

400,000 workshy cheats.

94% (400,00) of incapacity claimants can work.

1.5 million on long-term incapacity benefits.

Doctors punished for exposing scroungers.

GP’s complicit in welfare scrounging. 

2 million shouldn’t receive benefits.

6 million too sick to work!


One thought on “The best scrounging articles

  1. Come back when you have a disease and then pushed to work in constant pain, until that day, this is uneducated tabloid propaganda and says more about you than it does of your ‘scroungers’.

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